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HappyAnt nests
HA mraveni cestičky 05

Keep ants in STYLE! Get all you need for ant keeping - ideal set for beginners and those who wants to have everything perfect.

HA mraveni cestičky 04
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The module is the home for your ants where they live, sleep, eat and protect themselves. It is also the part of the nest where the queen stays and lays new eggs. It basically...

HA mraveni cestičky 06
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The Arena is a simulation of the real outer world for ants where they scout for food and water. You can place insects, fruits, water and other food and liquids inside the arena...

HA pipeta
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0,5 ml plastic pipette for placing liguids inside the arena and for moistening the nest.

HA pinzeta
In Stock

Help with food manipulation and arena cleaning.

HA zkumavka
Test tube
In Stock

15 x 100 glass test tube for your new queens. Also serves as a water reservoir in the arena.

HA korek bez
Extra cork
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You will use the extra cork when preparing the module for a new colony or in case you want to dig chambers on your own.

HA jehla+stříkačka
In Stock

 For experienced ant keepers this can be an easier way to moisten the nest. However, be careful, the syringe comes with sharp needle!

Cookie Cutter
from €5,75 up to –25 %
from €5,75

Let's make Your own cookie! Four designs of cookie cutters inspired by ants.


About HappyAnt

The hidden world of ants is fascinating and still has many secrets. Ant keeping is great for every curious human being who loves nature and life.

In HappyAnt we want to share this passion with as many people as possible, and we believe that offering an ant nest (formicarium) that can be easily maintained, has an intuitive use and elegant design, will make this possible.

In 2015 we came up with the revolutionary idea of a modular ant nest and since that moment we are working hard on improving the concept and pushing the limits of ant keeping.

Join us on this amazing journey and have fun with ant keeping!