HappyAnt nests
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Get all you need to raise your ant colony. The convenient set for beginners contains all-important items:1x Arena1x Module1x Test tube1x Tweezers1x PipetteAnd also a great...

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Module 2.0
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The module is an integral part of the entire ant farm - the formicarium. It serves as a home for the ants. Inside each module there are corridors and chambers where the ants...

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Arena 2.0
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The arena is the space in which ants search and hunt for food. This is where water, insects, fruit and other things that ants need to live are replenished. The ants take what...

heating and temperature control
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The right temperature contributes to the faster development of eggs, larvas and cocoons and thus the growth of the whole colony. As a source of heat, you can use either a...

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from €0,40

Accessories help you with ant keeping and make your life easier.

HA handbook M1

You can download the handbook for FREE at this link.   By purchasing the printed version, you will save time and support the work on other similar materials.  ...

Vnitrni material modulu

Let's choose the best insert material which suits you and your colony the best!   Sand can be used as an insert material inside the module or as decorative sand in the...






About HappyAnt

The hidden world of ants is fascinating and still has many secrets. Ant keeping is great for every curious human being who loves nature and life.

In HappyAnt we want to share this passion with as many people as possible, and we believe that offering an ant nest (formicarium) that can be easily maintained, has an intuitive use and elegant design, will make this possible.

In 2015 we came up with the revolutionary idea of a modular ant nest and since that moment we are working hard on improving the concept and pushing the limits of ant keeping.

Join us on this amazing journey and have fun with ant keeping!

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