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Brand: HappyAnt
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Choose Your Material

You can choose from several offered materials for the module where your ant colony lives. In case your colony is struggling, you can disassemble the module, replace the material with a new one, and start again without the need to purchase a new module or the entire STARTER set.



It's a material that retains moisture for a long time, is mold-resistant, and is based on natural components—making it extremely close to the natural environment of ants. You can read more about it here.

Suitable for all ant species. 

Korek s cestickami


It's a natural material that easily absorbs and retains water. Some species, like Camponotus, can dig new paths and modify the cork. Excessive moisture may lead to mold growth.

Suitable for species: Camponotus, Messor


HAPPY foam

Material based on plastic that doesn't absorb water, but requires more frequent watering of the module to maintain humidity.

Suitable for species: Messor, Lasius

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