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Let's choose the best insert material which suits you and your colony the best!


Sand can be used as an insert material inside the module or as decorative sand in the arena.

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Brand: HappyAnt
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Category: Accessories
Warranty: 2 years
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You can choose from several offered materials. If your colony did not do well, you can disassemble the module again in the same way, replace the material with a new material and start a new colony


It is a natural material that easily absorbs and retains water. Some species, such as Camponotus, are able to dig new chambers inside and adjust the cork. Excessive wetting can cause mould. Suitable for species: Camponotus, Messor


A plastic-based material that does not absorb water and does not mould. The module needs to be watered more often. Suitable for species: Messor, Lasius


It is a natural material in which moisture is easily maintained but at the same time non-mouldy. Ants adjust their nest themselves, but sometimes they can hide in the sand. Suitable for species: Manica, Lasius, Tetramorium
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