Arena 2.0

The arena is the space in which ants search and hunt for food. This is where water, insects, fruit and other things that ants need to live are replenished. The ants take what your colony needs back to the nest module, and you can watch them undisturbed thanks to the transparent walls and lid. 

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The arena is the space where ants search for and hunt food. This is where supplies of water, insects, fruits, and other things that ants need for their life are added. What your colony needs at the moment, the ants will take back to the nest - the module, and you can observe this undisturbed thanks to the transparent walls and lid.

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Easy Feeding

The ant farm has several smart features that make caring for ants easier and faster. One of them is the opening in the upper part of the arena's ceiling, through which you can conveniently place food and replenish water without ants crawling out along the walls. In case of thorough cleaning, you can remove the entire lid and thus have more space for washing and maintenance.


Designed Product Made in the Czech Republic

This ant farm was conceived and manufactured in the Czech Republic, and its functional and attractive design will help you discover the hidden world of ants and make their observation easier. You can add decorations to the arena, and the formicarium will undoubtedly become a decoration for your room, school, or office.



In Set with the Module:

Total Size: Width: 240; Depth: 150; Height: 60 mm

Weight: 0.55 kg

Ant Capacity: 400 - 800 workers (depending on species)

Material: ABS plastic, PMMA Plexi



Cork Height: 10 mm

Hole Diameter: 8 mm

Total Height: 20 mm

Distance Between Parallel Sides: 120 mm



Hole Diameter: 8 mm

Total Height: 60 mm

Distance Between Parallel Walls: 120 mm


For more information about ant keeping, visit the HappyAnt blog - ant keeping.

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