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The Arena is a simulation of the real outer world for ants where they scout for food and water. You can place insects, fruits, water and other food and liquids inside the arena where the ants will find it and bring it back home – into the module. If needed, a test tube can be placed inside, as well as various decorations creating a real natural environment for your colony.

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Brand: HappyAnt
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The arena is built in a way that provides the easiest possible maintenance and clear viewing, while using the best materials available. The hexagonal white plastic box together with a hexagonal transparent wall is the fundamental part of the ant nest. Then there is a transparent lid with hexagonal hole in the middle through which you can put food and water into the arena. The gray cover with super-tiny air holes is attached to the arena by magnets and prevents the ants from escaping. Even the transparent lid with the hole in the middle can be removed, if needed.

 Each arena comes with six white plugs to seal the holes on the sides and four clips to connect the arenas and modules together.

Technical parameters:

Hole diameter: 8 mm
Height: 60 mm
Outer side to side: 120 mm

Smart locking system